Care Begins With Compassion

Home, Hope, and Healing offers a variety of child services. The agency works collaboratively with the families, physicians, and specialist to develop a Plan of Care which is driven by the client’s specific needs. The client’s medical conditions, equipment, and age are all considered when developing this plan. Client’s plans are assessed for changes and with the assistance of the family and medical professionals are then updated.

Quality service and care does not just happen, we are relentless in providing excellence to health care every day. We have the structure and processes to achieve quality outcomes, by providing consistency and predictability, along with continuing education and measuring quality assurance.

One-on-one care from licensed and unlicensed professionals occurs in the home, in the school setting, and for medical appointments. Our in-home licensed employees are trained in the following areas of care:

  • Enteral tube feedings for nutritionally challenged children
  • Children who are respiratory compromised dependent on ventilators, C-Pap, trachs, percussion vest, cough assist machines, suction machines
  • Seizure management, working with neurological disorders
  • Children with catheters, intermittent and foley
  • Children with colostomies
  • Working with children with gastrointestinal, orthopedic, genetic, or congenital disorders

The goal of this care is to promote children with complex medical needs the ability to live safely in the home with their family and with the support of their caregivers, making an immeasurable difference in the lives of our clients through one-on-one care.

Pediatric care can be provided 24/7 if medically necessary, but can also be provided as hourly care.

Turning 21

Many of our pediatric clients are with us long enough to age out into the adult population when they turn 21. Home, Hope, and Healing has guided families and clients through this process many times, with the focus on making sure the appropriate medical services continue during and after this transition.

To learn more about what we offer in Pediatric Services, please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Our office number is (207) 250-0636, or, if you prefer, you may fill out our referral form.