Families are at the Center of Care

At Home, Hope and Healing we offer a variety of Behavioral Health Services.

We use an individualized approach to develop our treatment plans. Each client has a specialized plan to meet his or her specific needs and goals. We make an effort to customize our services, to respect our clients values, while working to reach an optimum outcome.

We help navigate the complexities of the many systems of care. We support families who are trying to understand and work through the various systems of care, whether it is the educational system, the mental health system, medical support, juvenile systems, or support for a child who has Autism, functional or intellectual disabilities, along with other areas of care needed.

We provide quality management to help support the child and their family, creating a child- and family-centered approach. Our families are at the center of all that we provide.

Children’s Case Mangers provide ongoing assessments in order to continually update their plan and to be able to appropriately connect them with the resources and programs needed to meet their goals.

Some resources that are available are:

  • Attending educational appointments such as IEP or 504 meetings, providing advocacy and support
  • Attend medical/dental appointments and make referral connections with physicians and specialists, working as a team to communicate with all members.
  • Provide Sensory Integration Support and referrals
  • Assist with travel when the client needs to get to a medical appointment
  • Advocation for obtaining resources that can help improve the life of the client and their family

Home, Hope, and Healing has been servicing children in their homes since 2002 and recognizes the need for additional Behavioral Health Services. Our pediatric population is the greater percentage of our business. We are well-versed on the various systems that families struggle to manage. We research, advocate, and support families and clients with the ultimate goal of empowering families to manage more of their needs and to help them to reach a higher quality of life.

We work closely with our nurses, LCSWs, and our Section 28 employees in an effort to improve the lives of the youth and family members we care for.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be under 21 years of age
  • Have active MaineCare, private insurance, or private pay
  • Have a current mental health diagnosis or an intellectual disability
  • Have a medical condition that impacts the child’s ability to function

Our Targeted Case Management (TCM) is under Section 13 regulations.